The links on this page are to galleries of our heads, separated into various categories for your convenience. Each gallery has a selection of finished and unfinished heads to give examples of how each particular head may look when finished with hair, eyes, etc. If you find a head you like but would like to see it with a different hairstyle, ask us and we may be able to send you a photo of that combination.

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Head Galleries
Asian Heads
African American Heads
Teen Heads (age 13-19)
Young Caucasian Male Heads
Middle Age Caucasian Male Heads
Old Caucasian Male Heads
Hispanic Heads
Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Heads
Female Caucasian Heads
Children's Heads (under 13)
Heads with a Neck Flange

Hairstyle Galleries
Custom Hairstyle Examples
Standard Female Hairstyles
Standard Male Hairstyles
Facial Hair Examples: Beards
Facial Hair Examples: Moustaches
Facial Hair Examples: Sideburns

Other Galleries
Figure Composites