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Choose from over 800 heads.
Old, young, angry, sad, happy, ethnic, male, female. We have sculpted the likeness of over 800 people and can use the existing mold to make another head. This saves you the cost of sculpting a new head, and allows you to see what the head looks like before ordering.

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Custom sculpt a new head.
If we do not have an appropriate head available, we can sculpt the likeness of the head you want from photographs or paintings. There is an additional cost, but you can be assured to get the likeness you want.

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Choose from over 130 different hands.
We have over 130 hand molds and can pick the size and position that best suits your figure. Most fingers have enough flexibility to move slightly to accept props.

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Poseable hands.
We now offer hands with an internal flexible armature that allows you to bend the fingers and wrist to a desired position in order to better fit your props. They are available for adult male and female bodies.

Choose the perfect eye.
Our standard eyes are hand made and very lifelike
. Or you may choose to upgrade to our prosthetic medical replacement eyes (the kind you would get if you lost an eye in an accident) for an even more realistic look. Both available in a variety of colors.

Choose your hair color and style.
Hair can range from simple styled wigs, to elaborate (and expensive) implanting of custom blended human hair. Highly specified styles are generally more expensive, particularly when we are trying to capture the likeness of a particular person. Not all heads need the super realism of hair looking like it is growing from the scalp. Eyebrows on all heads are implanted.

Choose your basic body form
All of the figure features listed above can be placed on three different body types. The flexible foam mannequin body comes in various sizes that can be bent into the position you desire. The standard rigid Urethane body we call "Military Man" offers limited posability and can support heavy clothing. The customized rigid Urethane body is strong, and built to your specifications.
Flexible foam body is available as an adult male (5'-8"; 5'-10" and 6'); female adult (5'-5" and 5'-8") and teen and children sizes. It is a lightweight mannequin form made from soft Urethane foam with a reinforced bendable interior wire skeleton. The arms are detachable at the shoulders for easy dressing and the soft Urethane foam can be compressed to accommodate smaller garments. The bendable feature allows you to reuse the figure in different positions, and place the figure in challenging positions like cars or planes.

Standard rigid urethane body (Military Man). The figure stands between 5'4" and 6'-2". The shoulder width can be adjusted to accommodate larger clothing. The arms are removable for easy dressing, and have ball joints in the shoulder and elbow to adjust their position. The body is made of strong rigid Urethane foam and can support heavy clothing and equipment. Adjustable waist pivot and leg joint allow you to modify the pose.

Customized rigid figure. Like the Military Man, this figure is made from strong rigid Urethane foam, has removable wooden arms for easy dressing, and has ball joints in the shoulder and elbow for adjustment. Additionally, the body is customized to your specifications. We can make the figure fit garments you supply or match the body positioning from pictures or verbal descriptions. Interior mounts can be constructed to hold heavy props, or special heelplates can be fabricated so a standing rod does not have to penetrate the figure's shoe. Our figures are typically covered with clothing; however, we can provide exposed skin such as feet and legs, or even full torsos. Working together we determine what is needed and then we present a firm quote to you for creating the figure.
Where to begin? Fill out our contact form, or call us at 800-634-4873 or 410-284-3248. You can also look at our online catalog that explains our products in more detail. If you have a particular interest or need please let us know so we can better assist you.

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